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Get cleaner carves with *NEW* Easel Pro raster toolpath feature!

We're excited to announce a brand-new Easel Pro feature today: raster toolpaths! Easel Pro users can get a cleaner finish and better-looking carve by using raster toolpaths to carve wood. The raster toolpath cut setting changes how the bit moves across your material when carving filled shapes in your project. As a default, Easel uses the “offset” strategy: the bit typically starts in the center of a filled area and gradually work its way to the edges, following the contours of your design. By contrast, with the raster approach, the bit's toolpath moves back and forth in a linear direction. The main advantage of raster toolpaths comes when carving wood . Because the bit moves linearly in parallel lines, using raster can help you follow the direction of the wood grain. By carving with the wood grain, you will see a much cleaner finish on the resulting carve. Want to learn more about how to use this new Easel Pro feature? Check out this helpful step-by-step tuto