All the beginner woodworking tools you need for only $100

Woodworking can be a bit daunting if you're new. There seems to be a neverending endless list of things to know: what wood to use, which tools to use, proper project setup, joinery options, finishing techniques...and how much glue do you actually need?

Plus, if you're just starting to build up your tools, it's hard to imagine spending a lot of money on acquiring the right tools for your shop. You'll want to know you're buying the right tools with your budget.

Luckily, Dylan and Molly from Woodbrew put together this short video on the essential woodworking tools that will help you get started—all for only $100!

Here's the full list of Dylan and Molly's recommendations:
(note: they make a small commission off purchases made from these links)

Circular Saw


Drill Bit Set

Tape Measure (or this one)

Chalk Line


Orbital Sander

Building a hefty collection of tools takes time, but this short list will help you jump into woodworking with a reasonable budget. We can't wait to see what you make!


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