Easel Power Hour Challenge Winners

We are excited to announce our Easel Power Hour Challenge winners!

We invited all X-Carve fans to enter an Easel design that could be carved in under 60 minutes.
Each of our maker judges chose one winner from their entries and then collectively voted on an overall winner. Our judges were so impressed with all your designs and amazed by your creative uses of Easel!

Grand Prize X-Carve Winner:
João Leão's Desk Organizer

Maker Cristiana Felgueiras from Get Hands Dirty explains,

“The overall presentation of [João Leão’s] project was very good, the images are clear and captivating, the
explanation of the building process is clear and complete, the Easel project seems feasible, the
design is balanced, contemporary and minimal and the material choice seems appropriate and easy
to carve. It doesn't require more tools besides a forstner bit and a drill/drill press for a final touch and a
piece of steel dowel that is bent. This project has some complexity and requires double sided carving, which
I found valuable, revealing a good thinking process. The content is functional and made with parts that can
be stacked and layered in several positions, adjusting to each one's needs, making it dynamic. The participant
reveals a sense of knowledge regarding design and CNC carving.”

Individual Winners ($100 Inventables promotional gift cards):
Jan Buck's Shade Lamp
Thomas Reith's Baby Mobile
Christopher Cruz's Rubber Band Shooter
Robyn Gonzales's Speaker Box
Myron Kinnunen's Push Stick Flappy Chicken
Garrett Leckliter's Dual Cities End Table
Martin Gertsen's Amazon Echo Dot Case
Julio Reyes's X-Carve Whiskey Holder
Antonio Hernandez Menchaca's Phone Alarm Clock
Congratulations! We can’t believe these can all be carved in under 60 minutes! Thank you again to all who entered
and check out all the #EaselPowerHour entries on our project pages.


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