X-Carve Business Bundle Contest: Winners Announced!

The moment has finally arrived! After watching all the entries and holding a companywide vote, we are excited to announce the winners of our X-Carve Business Bundle Contest. 

As a quick review, the contest was split into two categories: business owners who do not own an X-Carve and business owners who currently own an X-Carve. Entrants were required to share their business or business idea in a 2-minute video. The video should convey the impact that adding an X-Carve would have on helping their business grow.

The winner of each category receives a fully-loaded X-Carve and an annual membership to our business-focused Easel Pro software.

Choosing one winner in each category was not easy: nearly 70 businesses submitted entries! The Inventables Team evaluated the videos and determined the following winners:

Non-Machine Business Owner: Chris of Herb’s Furniture 

From Chris' website: "I started this concept in 2013 when I created my first piece of furniture that I needed to ship out of state. The quote was extremely high, so I decided to go back and rework the design. A few minor adjustments and the piece was packed flat, which reduced the shipping costs by 500%. I immediately saw how this price difference was affecting prices of handmade goods and the barriers local craftsmen created for themselves vs the large retailers. I decided to make it my mission to create handmade flat packed furniture that competes with large retailers both price and design quality.

I have an engineering mind with a Finance degree; which means I focus on the fine details of the design and bring that to you for the lowest possible cost. Located in the former Crown Cork and Seal Factory in Baltimore, MD, I have a small batch manufacturing facility where I produce all of the furniture."

Current X-Carve Owner: Courtney and Jessica of Creative Wood-N-Things

From Courtney and Jessica's Etsy page"Courtney and Jessica are two sisters who love woodworking. We have teamed up in this new business adventure together to offer more diverse products to all of our amazing clients. Courtney lives in Wyoming and is a mom to 2 amazing girls. She started building things with wood in 2015 and moved into making signs. Jessica lives in Idaho and is a mom of 2 kids and has had a photography business for the past 8 years. She also loves crafting and making signs and decor pieces for her home and is now ready to share what she makes with others.

Everything we make is unique, designed, and handmade by us in our garages. Every sign made is a little different than the next so no two things are alike. We are open to custom orders so if you have any ideas just send us a message."

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who entered the contest. As a company, we are honored by the number of people who took the time and effort to share their story with us. Many of the entries opened our eyes to ways X-Carve and Easel could be used that we never before considered.

P.S. - If you haven't already, make sure to check out the video entries from non-machine business owners and current X-Carve business owners to see what kinds of awesome business ideas people have for X-Carve!


Unknown said…
Seems kind of unfair to ask people to advertise your product by saying that getting likes on your video is part of the judging criteria and then choose someone with 3 likes. Many of us worked hard to get support from friends,family and local community. I had in the 100s! Very disappointed, and not just because I didn't win, I would have accepted a loss if the winner was also someone who worked to meet ALL of the judging criteria.
Katelyn said…
I’ll start out by saying that it’s very generous of Inventables to give away two XCarves. The contest was exciting as shown by the number of participants. However, I can’t help but agree with the above statement. The original rules stated two criteria, and it seems as though one was thrown out the window just because it disqualified the two “winners.” If the likes weren’t going to be an important part of the contest, it shouldn’t have been one of the two judging criteria. Contestants put a lot of time and effort into getting likes, thus promoting the XCarve product. This benefitted you as a company (free marketing) and had no true value in the end. It was completely disregarded in choosing both winners, 3 likes and (obviously bought) 3,000 likes with far fewer views. What a disappointment for those that worked hard to reach both requisites of the competition!

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