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TechShop Bankruptcy: An Open Letter to the Maker Community

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 6.19.51 PM.png 1214x176 46.8 KB We’re saddened to hear that TechShop closed its doors on November 15th. TechShop was an incredible asset to its community, providing a place where makers, crafters, and creators could get access to the tools that would unlock their creativity. Their closure leaves thousands of people without access to the tools they need to create projects and share their innovations with the world. As makers and entrepreneurs ourselves, it’s easy for us to imagine the pain and frustration of the TechShop members who have had their tools ripped away without warning. We got together to see if we could give TechShop members easier access to some of the tools they might need to continue their craft. At Inventables, we’re offering a $100 discount on X-Carve, a $500 discount on Carvey, and free shipping. In addition, customers can pay monthly with 0% APR available. To redeem this offer, customers need to email proof of membership

Pay monthly for your X-Carve

We are working on all sorts of ways to make 3D carving more accessible.  As you all know Easel  is web based and free.  We have a map  showing public spaces like libraries and we'll soon be adding community maker spaces.  We donated 100 machines, 50 to schools (1 per state) and 50 to maker spaces (1 per state).  The idea is we will indicate which public places you can go for free and which you need an affiliation with like a school or certain maker spaces.  Finally we launched free shipping for X-Carve in the lower 48 states. We are seeing growth in the number of people that are earning some sort of income from their machine.  Some people are selling their own products as a side business, some people are taking custom orders, and others have started full time businesses and are earning their living with X-Carve , Easel, and Easel Pro.  It has been very inspiring to meet these people and learn more about their journeys.  I got the opportunity to meet Steve and Debbie Lee of 8t