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Introducing Easel Pro

We’re so excited to introduce the newest member of the Inventables family: Easel Pro! Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of customers starting, running, and growing businesses with our tools. We designed Easel Pro to help aspiring part-time and full-time business owners make more products and earn more money. Easel Pro is a membership-based cloud software designed to power your business’ carving production and increase profit. With Easel Pro, you can accelerate production and decrease the amount of time required to carve detailed products. There are also more creative tools so you can expand product offerings and customize projects with ease. In time, Easel Pro will include a large catalog of apps, features, and content not found in Easel. While many features are in the works, two features available now: full v-carving capabilities and access to over 200+ new fonts. V-Carving V-carving has been far and away our most requested feature. Thank