5 Questions on Back-To-School with Jeremy Parker

Jeremy Parker is an Agricultural & Vocational teacher at Oak Hill High School in Alexandria, LA. He focuses on making sure kids have skills they can use for a lifetime of starting businesses and hobbying after they finish high school. As he's putting his lab together for another busy year of teaching and hosting the Oak Hill High FFA club, we asked him what his priorities are when organizing his space, and what programs he's most excited about for the coming year.

Q: What's your process like for planning your makerspace/lab for the upcoming school year?

I teach vocational and technical classes and I had the lab running all summer, so I don’t have to set up the classroom as much as cleanup and prepare for the fall. For us, the biggest considerations as we add more machines is dust collection, noise abatement, and increasing our internet access ports. Right now, we only have one hardwired access point in our lab, so we’ll need to install wifi or tether the computers together to get our shop entirely online.

Q: What are some of the key things you’re looking to build upon from last year?

I’m excited to build out our class on manufacturing processes which will incorporate all aspects of design. We’ll dive into the manufacturing community from research and development to marketing, production and delivery. I am excited to see how this class is affected by our machine additions, particularly the Carvey and X-Carve.

Q: Which projects are you most excited about for the upcoming year?

Our local Oak Hill FFA is very active in fundraising for our shop and particularly our CNC program. We’re going to start a sign shop in the school to try to offset some of the costs of shop upkeep and help the FFA in their efforts to support other programs. I’m most excited to see the ideas and designs that my students and customers come up with. The students will push the envelope in paper and software design, and they’ll learn from tutorials and trial and error… just like we all did when we were little. I’m really excited to see what comes out of those efforts. And I’m sure they’ll all be teaching me soon!

Q: What are your biggest considerations getting ready for the school year?

The biggest considerations I have for the upcoming year as far as the X-Carve and Carvey programs go is to make sure I have a steady supply of locally-sourced materials, and to make sure the program is growing. I want to make sure that we’re always doing our best, that the students are steadily improving, and that all the kids are getting enough time on the machines to be able to struggle while they learn without being pressured. Right now, I’m focusing on how I can get all students involved in the CNC world and what more I can do with the machines in the classroom.  These are questions that come up every August; we teachers fight the same beasts every year.


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