Tyler Lyne, The Iron Chef of Making

Executive Chef, Tyler Lyne, believes that in order to be unique, Cloud Catering & Events has to separate itself from the pack by coming up with innovative solutions. His solution? X-Carve.

Chef Lyne has used X-Carve to make custom serving pieces for his restaurant like wooden serving spoons, a Hors d’oeuvre platter, a wave Petite Fours platter, a carbon fiber custom kitchen tool that won gold at the Restaurant Show and most importantly, an egg dish for Gwyneth Paltrow! I would definitely say Chef Lyne is on his way to leaving a very influential mark on the culinary world.  

(Egg dish for Gwyneth Paltrow)

Born and raised in Texas, Lyne  began his culinary journey at 16 years old, working in restaurants.  He then went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America, where after graduation, he became the youngest person to obtain the Certified Executive Chef title from the A.C.F at the youthful age of 21.

(Custom Hors d’oeuvre platter)

In 2013 Chef Lyne was named as one of Zagat’s 30 Under 30: New York City’s Food Industry Up-And-Comers. Then, as if all of these achievements were quite enough, he was on Iron Chef and beat Geoffrey Zakarian. So cool!

Chef Lyne first saw X-Carve on the YouTube channel Hemistorm, which was what ultimately convinced him to buy it. The X-Carve was just the catalyst Lyne needed to spark his ambition to make things in-house and continue the process of building the Custom Design & Fabrication side of his business.

(Mahogany spoons)

Chef Lyne plans on using X-Carve primarily, “in my social media content, the Design aspect of my business, and to build custom tools for me and my team to use in the kitchen”. Lyne’s end goal is to open an online store for the purchase of his custom tools, like this awesome gnocchi board he created on Easel!

Chef Lyne was inspired to carve a unique gnocchi board thanks to his Media Marketing Director, Nathan Ma who had wanted to do a pasta dish for the website blog. The idea sparked Chef Lyne’s interest to showcase all that X-Carve can do, by adding his own twist to a common gnocchi board.

(Gnocchi Board)

The X-Carve gives Chef Lyne the ability to make Cloud Catering & Events a truly different and unique company by mastering the simple things, exceeding expectations and coming up with innovative solutions. Chef Lyne knew he needed to be an early adopter of this technology in order to have that small detail that provides a huge advantage to pleasing his existing customers, as well as, acquiring new ones.

Chef Lyne admits that he never had any plans to undertake this process, but by taking a leap of faith, he quickly realized how rewarding it would be.

(Deviled egg platter)


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