Solder Inlay - Warren Downes

The newest how-to video by Warren Downes is pretty darn cool if you ask us. In the video Warren creates a solder metal inlay inside an X-Carve design, literally drip by scalding drip!

To begin the solder inlay Warren fires up his blowtorch. He uses the blowtorch to slowly melt the solid solder over the carved design. The boiling drops of solder merge together to gradually fill the entire mold.

After the mold has been completely filled with solder, Warren uses a belt sander to sand down the excess solder around the design. Once the excess solder has been removed and his project is nice and smooth, Warren once again grabs the blowtorch. He carefully burns the edges around the carved design to give it an authentic rustic look. Then with a quick Minwax wipe, Warren has once again created a pretty awesome project.

If you’d like to learn more about Warren and his projects check out his website and YouTube channel.


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