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Not So Average Joe

Average Joe’s Joinery ’s, Joe Whittaker, is a self-taught woodworking extraordinaire. Over the years Joe has watched countless woodworking videos, which have essentially taught him everything he knows. Joe decided to start his YouTube channel to become apart of the woodworking community. Joe first started woodworking at the young age of 17, when he had needed a new desk for his bedroom with very limited space. He told me that he, “searched online for the desk I imagined but I couldn't find it anywhere for sale. I realized I had to make it myself”. In 2015, Joe ventured into the realm of 3D carving when he received his X-Carve from Inventables. Joe suffers from ill health, which causes him to not be able to spend as much time in his workshop as he would like. However, now that Joe has an X-Carve of his own, he is able to continue his passion. Joe explains, “I can still design the ideas I have and then the X-Carve can do the hard work for me. It enables me to do what I

New Puzzle App On Easel

Within Inventables free Easel software platform, there is an app store for our makers. Once logged into Easel, you have the option to click on any of the shapes or tabs listed along the top. If you select the tab labeled “Apps” you will be brought to our App Library, which currently has 15 predesigned apps you are able to choose from! New apps are being designed and added all the time. Have you ever tried to carve a 5, 10 or even 20 piece puzzle that fits perfectly together? Well let me tell you, it’s rather difficult. But now thanks to independent app developer, VojtÄ›ch Kadlec, it doesn’t have to be! It's important to check the box "Spaces between pieces" if you want the pieces to fit together snuggly. You also need to select "outside path". This ensures that the pieces are carved out and there is not a gap the diameter of your bit between the pieces. Kadlec is currently in development of a second app that generates a grid of customizabl