Pre-Order Your X-Controller Today!

The Inventables X-Controller is available for pre-order today!

The X-Controller is high-power motion controller for your CNC machine. It’s not only more powerful than entry-level controllers, but in our experience, it’s also more reliable. The X-Controller uses large removable terminal blocks and an aluminum enclosure to keep electronics protected and the wiring clean.

X-Controller pre-orders will begin shipping by January 31st. Hurry! Inventables only has 400 available in our first production run, so don’t miss out!  The second production run is expected to arrive in April 2016.

Here is a quick list of specifications for why you would consider getting this product.

  1. First is the power: (4) 4A stepper drivers. The gshield has three 1.5A drivers (Y axis has 2 ganged drivers for X-Carve type machines). This gives 1 more powerful driver to each stepper motor compared to a gshield.
  2. Micro Stepping (Full through 1/16th) the gshield supports 1/8th.
  3. Easy current adjustment via large, well-marked potentiometers
  4. Automatic idle current reduction independent for each axis
  5. Internal 24V 400W power supply for stepper motors.  This cleans all the electronics up to one simple box.
  6. Large internal heatsink and integrated cooling fan keeps system cool at all power loads.  We haven't been able to overheat it yet.  With the gshield sometimes you get erratic behavior on really long carves or if you are pumping a lot of current through and the chips overheat.
  7. Spindle speed control (0-5VDC PWM or 0-10V)
  8. Noise-filtered inputs for 3 axis home/limit switches
  9. Noise-filtered input for Z probe/touch plate
  10. 2 digital outputs to control external items like vacuums and coolant systems
  11. All inputs and outputs have their own ground terminals for clean and easy wiring.
  12. Rugged latching E-Stop that kills all power
  13. Feedhold, Cycle Start and Reset (Motion Cancel) buttons on front side
  14. All electrical interfaces use large, detachable terminal blocks. On the gshield the wires are screwed in and can come loose with excessive vibration.
  15. Heavy aluminum chassis with mounting holes keeps debris away from electronics.
  16. You can upgrade your stepper motors to Inventables 262oz/in NEMA 23's or bigger ones that have even more torque to make use of the 4A.
In summary it is more powerful and designed to be more robust. The result of using it is you can remove more material faster, with smoother motion, and you are less likely to have a failure due to wiring connection issues, overheating, or the gshield unseating from the Arduino.
An over simplified analogy might be replacing a V4 engine with a V8.


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