More Holiday Cheer!

You can tell the holidays are just around the corner with all the holiday cheer that’s pouring in from our tip jar contest!

Check out these five projects that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit!

Christmas Spider

There is a German and Ukrainian legend that states, if you cannot find a real spider in your Christmas tree, then you must hang a spider ornament in its place. With this legend in mind, that is precisely what maker Shalee Sykes did. Using Easel and hard maple, Shalee was able to carve this delicate and beautiful ornament to hang on his tree. If you want to hear more about the Christmas spider, read the whole legend on Shalee’s page!

Santa Hat Candy Dish

This adorable Santa hat candy dish is the perfect addition to any holiday party! Just try not to eat all the candy before your guests arrive. Brian Saban used white Corian to carve the base of the hat, then lined it with fun red and white felt to make the hat come to life!  

Monogram Christmas Tree

These monogram Christmas trees would make a stunning centerpiece for any holiday gathering! Maker Patrick Brown used Easel and MDF wood to create both the trees and the stands. Once the trees have been assembled, you can spray paint them green, gold or any color in between!

Wooden Marble Game

Check out this beautifully carved three in one game set, with all pieces stored in one convenient box! Joshua Blom used Easel to create the intricate designs of the games, which he then carved into two pieces of hard maple with a thin piece of walnut in between. Just in case the Inventables team wanted to play some games, he even put the instructions to all three marble games at the end of his project page!

Acrylic Christmas Tree

Maker Joseph Smith has created a project that is sure to brighten your holidays! He used  PVC to cut the cylindrical base, then carved a relief around the inner-edge for the LED lights.  Joesph used clear acrylic to create the top and bottom interlocking pieces of the tree. Once assembled, plug in and enjoy your the holiday magic!

Thanks to everyone who has made this holiday decoration contest a success! Happy holidays from the whole Inventables team!    


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