Holiday Contest Entries

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s another Inventables contest going on. But this time instead of Halloween decorations, it’s holiday decorations! Bet you couldn’t have guessed that one.

This contest is open to those who celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and every holiday in between. We’ve already gotten five awesome entries and we’re excited for more to come!

Snowflake Decoration

This delicate and charming snowflake decoration is brought to you by our wonderful Canadian friend, Rusty (yes, the same Rusty who ran the Halloween contest). Rusty used a ⅛” endmill to precisely carve his snowflake out of MDF. Once the snowflake had been sanded, primed and painted...ta-da! Rusty had created the first contest entry.

Christmas Tree Tray

Looking for a table topper that will wow your family and friends this season? Maker Jeff Parish has got you covered. Jeff used pine to create the base of this holiday tray and MDF for the thin border, which he later painted green. Once the two pieces have been assembled, it’s time to decorate. By placing an LED light in the center of the tray and filling it with candy or flowers, you are able to instantly create the most perfect centerpiece for any holiday party!

Gift Card Holder

This gift card holder by Steven Paxman is that perfect extra something to make giving a gift card a little more special. Steve made this custom walnut gift card holder by milling it in two parts on his X-Carve. After the holder is carved, it needs to be sanded and glued. Then, it’s time for the best part - the gift giving!

Stitched Plywood Icosahedron Holiday Ornament

This may be one of the most unique, yet awesome, contest entries we have ever seen! Nick Homrich stitched together pieces of birch plywood to create this fashionable and modern 20 sided icosahedron holiday ornament. Each piece of plywood has 15 holes drilled into it, which means Nick drilled a total of 450! Nick also recommends using it as a base for a lamp once the holidays are over. Pretty cool, huh?

Snowman Decoration

These decorative snowmen are the perfect holiday project for anyone. Allen Massey designed the snowmen in Easel, and then carved them into red oak. Once the snowmen have been cut, it’s time to personalize! You can can paint them or carve dates and names into them. The possibilities are endless.

Winners will be announced on December 21st, which means there is still time to submit an entry! Visit our forum for all the official rules and details.


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