Win Up To $100 in Inventables Gift Cards Just By Stamping

Our makers have all the imagination needed to unlock the unlimited potential of 3D carving for stamp making/block printing. We’ve asked Chris Larsen to run a stamp/block making contest on the Inventables forum to incentivize your creativity.

Here's the breakdown of the prizes and the rules:

Prizes - Inventables Gift Cards:
4 x $25 Gift Cards for One-Color Stamps
4 x $50 Gift Cards for Two-Color Block Prints
2 x $100 Gift Cards for Three or More Color Block Prints
One prize per person, so make your entry count!
Pick your level of difficulty then get carving! The precision of a 3D carver lends itself amazingly to the concept of stamp making and especially multi-color block printing. The layers can overlap or mesh perfectly depending on the design. The ability to accurately create registration between the layers makes multi-color block printing an almost unlimited medium.
To stimulate both the quantity and the quality of the entries, Inventables is willing to GIVE stamp blanks away FOR FREE! It doesn't get much better than that! Just submit your proposed Easel project here and let me know what size blanks and how many you'll need. Select designs will get sent a gift card ASAP so you can redeem it and get carving!
  1. Submit your Easel design in thread comments section.
  2. The most promising designs will receive a gift card to cover the linoleum stamp making materials. Redeem your gift card to receive your materials.
  3. Make your project.
  4. Post a pic of the finished project under this thread, a link to your completed project page including a Bill of Materials (BOM) and a public link to the Easel file so that others in the Inventables community can make one too.
  5. Contest will close on Friday, November 13th. That should give everybody time to get their materials in hand and crank out some great projects.
  6. Winners will be announced here on Saturday, November 14th! The winners will be determined by a combination user likes, remakes, level of technical difficulty, artistic expression via a digital medium and any bonus points garnered. They will be contacted via PM to receive their gift card prizes.
  1. At least part of the project should be made on an X-Carve with Easel.
  2. Project page must be complete (title, pics of the finished project and hopefully of the process, BOM, instructions, file(s), etc.). Any kind of supporting write-up (i.e. how you did it, things you would do differently, etc.) will also earn bonus points.
  3. Include an "Open in Easel" link.
  4. Post as many entries as you like. The more, the merrier! We'll give each entry equal weight, so bring it on. We're really trying to showcase the linoleum stamp making and block printing capabilities of the X-Carve and Easel here.
Additional Considerations:
  1. An accompanying video of the design to finished product process will seriously boost your chances of winning.
  2. Inventables offers linoleum mounted to an MDF backer and also unmounted sheets.
  3. Entries can include anything stamp or block print related (e.g. holiday decorations, t-shirts, linens, artwork, stationery, signs, return address labels, menus, etc.), whatever inspires you.
  4. Last but certainly not least, big Bonus Points if you collaborate with a graphic artist! We really want to take the designs up a notch, so having that professional, creative touch will really make your projects stand out. Please include the graphic artist's contact info/website if you go that route.

Inventables gives this contest a stamp of approval!


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