Makers Spotlight: Steve Carmichael

Steve Carmichael from Lawrenceville Georgia has arguably created one of the coolest projects we have ever seen with X-Carve: a working electric guitar. Steve used his X-Carve to make the guitar’s body, neck, fretboard and fret slot inlays. What makes Steve’s project unique is that it combines the precision of an X-Carve with the delicacy of handwork.

The first step in creating this rockstar guitar was to carve the body. Using Easel to design the outline and inner cavities of the body, Steve then used his X-Carve to carve the body out of birch.

Once the carving of the guitar's body was complete, it was onto the neck and fretboard. Instead of using birch again, Steve decided to shake things up and throw hard maple into the mix. He was able to carve the neck of the guitar in one carving session but had to divide the fret slots and fretboard into two different carving sessions.

Next, Steve carved ten ¼ inch markers and ten ⅛ inch markers out of walnut. He used CA glue to install the ¼ inch markers into the front of the neck. To insert the ⅛ inch markers, Steve drilled ⅛ inch holes in the top side of the neck and used glue to secure them.

It was now time to sand the desired radius onto the fretboard, but being the awesome maker Steve is, he certainly did not sacrifice quality. Rather than simply buying a radius sanding block, Steve made his very own 12-inch sanding block and even attached the easel project to his project page!

After attaching the guitar’s neck to its body and installing the frets, bridge, and tuning pegs by hand, Steve had finally completed his incredible blue electric guitar.

See all of Steve’s amazing projects on the Inventables project page and his website The Carmichael Workshop!


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