Makers Spotlight: Pam Daniels & Brandon Williams

Pam and Brandon met at Northwestern University while both pursuing their master's degrees in design. They now own the design practice of Welcome Industries, where they work as designers, entrepreneurs and educators.

Pam and Brandon currently live at Northwestern University where they are designers in residence. Here they teach students using an active design practice at the Segal Design Institute on Northwestern’s campus.

Pam and Brandon are associated with Catalyze Chicago, as well as  Design House Chicago, a nonprofit where Pam is a co-founder.

Inventables asked Pam and Brandon to use our new easy to use 3D carving machine, Carvey, to create a project that would demonstrate its capabilities. They decided to develop a lighting concept that would, “focus on what a mill can do that an average laser cutter can’t”.

Pam and Brandon chose to shine a spotlight on how Carvey’s smaller bed size is not a limitation, but rather, a way to expand your imagination. For example, by cutting holes on each side of copper and brass sheets and then creating cylinders out of the flat metal, they were able to add an element of height to their lamp.  

To make the foundation of their lamp unique, while also showcasing the features of Carvey, Pam and Brandon designed a teardrop base with inlay pockets. The bases were carved using flame maple and walnut, in a series of sequenced steps with different files and end mills.

To enhance the beauty of the wood, Pam and Brandon extended a colorful cloth cord through a shallow channel in each lamp.

Pam and Brandon did an outstanding job in showing all that Carvey is capable of doing. Our hope is other makers will become inspired by their cylindrical desk lamp, and visit our project page to find more great ideas to make on Carvey.


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