Jewelry Kickstarter for Carvey

Carvey is Inventables newest 3D carving machine that allows anyone to become a maker.
We know making can be difficult, but now it doesn’t have to be with Carvey’s enhanced features.
  • Arrives pre-assembled allowing you to go from idea to project more quickly
  • Works with Inventables free and easy to use software, Easel
  • Fully enclosed frame allowing Carvey to be quiet and clean
  • Works with a wide variety of materials

Now that you’ve had your little refresher course on Carvey, time to meet Inventables team member and jewelry maker, Alex Berger. Alex tells us that she really likes Carvey, “because it’s something enclosed and quiet. It’s a little more friendly for doing work at home”.

Here at Inventables, we want to inspire other makers to turn their ideas into realities. We believe that Carvey is just the thing to get this movement started. Whether you have 20 years of carving experience or absolutely none, Carvey is for you.

Take a look at the three beautiful jewelry projects Alex has made on the X-Carve or Carvey and find your inner jewelry maker!

Padauk Earrings - Thin padauk hardwood on top a white acrylic

Inlay Necklaces - Wenge and cherry wood inlaid with sparkly aluminum

Wood Cuff Bracelet with Inlay - Wenge inlaid with glitter acrylic


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