Inventable's Maker Spotlight: Brian Wildman

I was recently introduced to a wildman...Brian Wildman, that is. Brian is what some may call a triple threat when it comes to the woodworking community. Aside from being a loving father, Brian is a maker, has a DIY YouTube channel, and runs his personal website, The Wildman Project.

Brian has now made several projects and posted them on his Inventables project page. His first project was this decorative wine cork holder. Brian used MDF wood and flat black paint to create the cork holder. It’s a great way to customize any kitchen!

Brian’s second project came about how many great things come about, by random chance. Brian told us, “The puzzle idea came about one day after my youngest was playing with some other puzzles. I was like…’I can make a puzzle on the CNC!’”

Brian used two pieces of baltic birch plywood and a fish tail, 2 flute, spiral bit to create his numbers puzzle.

We loved Brian’s puzzle so much, we asked him to make another one for Carvey! In order to make his new numbers puzzle Carvey ready, he changed the dimensions of his project to 8in x 12in. He also chose to swap out the birch plywood for bamboo plywood for an even more polished finish.

Brian’s work has been a great addition to our project section, and hopefully an inspiration to all the other makers out there. If you’re looking for more great project ideas, check out our full project collection here!


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