3 Simple Holiday Projects

We all know the holidays can be stressful. However, it’s important to make some time for yourself. These three holiday projects are not only fun, they’re also quick and easy, leaving plenty of ‘me time’. We think that’s a pretty great combo.

Rustic Holly Block Stamp

This rustic holiday stamp was made from three pieces of MDF wood. Just carve the blocks and sand them lightly, then you’re ready to stamp! Using a registration tool (see project page for details) while printing will allow you to make sure your stamps stay aligned and in place. This simple stamp can be used on any medium to create holiday cheer throughout your home!

Snowman Decoration

This snowman is a great holiday project because it is quick, easy and versatile! Use Easel to recreate this snowman, or design your own holiday figure, and carve it onto any material. You could use basic oak plywood and paint it for a nice finish, or use blue glitter acrylic to create a sparkling snow feel. Anyway you twist it, you’re sure to impress!

“Do Not Open” Stamp

Instead of telling your loved ones over and over again not to open their gifts early, why not stamp it? This stamp was designed in Easel and then carved into a linoleum block with X-Carve. This Do Not Open Stamp is a clever and kind little way to decorate your gifts this holiday season.


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