3 Awesome Gadgets You Can Make Instead Of Buy

The latest gadgets and accessories can be tempting, but as our mother always told us, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees. Even if money isn’t the issue, consider the fact that making things is well, fun. Below are three awesome ideas from the Inventables project page to get your creative juices flowin’! These projects are sure to inspire you and have your friends asking, ‘where did you buy that and how can I get one!?’

1. iPhone Case

Instead of buying an expensive iPhone 6 case that would go out of style in a week, Jeremy Richards decided to carve one himself. First, Jeremy used HDPE to create a sturdy fixture that would hold his material in place. Jeremy suggests using a sturdy material, like HDPE, so you are able to use this fixture repeatedly. Then, by placing his piece of walnut (or other material of your choosing) into the fixture, he was ready to design and build his case with X-Carve! Let's see Apple make a personalized wooden case.

2. Passive Amplifier for your iPhone

Most iPhone players require you to be near an outlet in order for the product to work. Who wants to spend their life sitting by an outlet? Not Warren Downes. Using the aligning tool on Easel, Warren combined circles of various sizes and depths to make a cone that amplifies sound. How cool! His final passive amplifier can be found on his project page, along with his awesome YouTube video that describe how to create and align the circles.

3. MDF Laptop Stand

This innovative laptop stand is brought to you by a fellow Inventable, Paul Kaplan. Paul used Easel to create the unique design for his laptop stand. The stand is held together by interlocking shapes Paul carved out of blue MDF. Pretty cool, huh?


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