Inventables Maker Spotlight: Bob Clagett

If you don't already know Bob Clagett, he's a great guy and sincere lead-by-example teacher in the Maker Community community. Bob wants to not only teach people how to make things, but also inspire them to follow their own curiosity. 

Bob Clagett is well-known for his how-to website and YouTube channel, 'I Like to Make Stuff'. On his sites, Bob posts step-by-step instructions on a wide variety of projects and topics meant for all skill levels.  

Bob stopped by our office for a tour a little while back:

And he's been working on some projects using his X-Carve!

In this video Bob shows simple step-by-step instructions on how to build this glider out of balsa wood and styrofoam. All you need to do is design, cut and then assemble! You can find the finished project and inspiration for your own glider on

Four-in-a-row (Connect Four) is a great game for all ages. In his video, Bob shows you how to make your own game board and box for the chips. The best part of Bob's design, is the magnetic sides that use the sides of the box as a stand! Check out the final product on our projects page. 

Whether you're new to the 3D carving world, or a seasoned veteran, Bob explains step-by-step how to set up your Inventables X-Carve. Bob created this video to go over what he felt were the most important or tricky steps of the assembly and provides some helpful tips to smooth out the process.

Lastly, check out Bob's new video on how to build a personalized long board. The last long board he built was out of solid hard wood, but this time Bob wanted to be able to laminate his board and mold the ends for a good foot grip. Bob used a vacuum bag and dry/wet vac to laminate the pieces of wood over a foam mold made with X-Carve. All the steps are laid out and the final product turned out great.

Bob's got more 3D carving projects in the works, so make sure to subscribe to Bob's Youtube channel for more inspiring videos.

By: Ellen Corlett


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