3 Cool Halloween Projects + $50 Giveaway

Halloween is right around the corner. Let’s see what our Inventables community members are making with Easel and X-Carve that might spook the neighbors.

Festive Pumpkin Sign

Inventables customer Rusty made this Halloween project using Easel and X-Carve. The pumpkin was carved from MDF, then spray painted orange. We think it turned out great! (View project)

Trick-or-Treat Bag

Have the most stylish trick-or-treat bag on the block! Dynamic husband and wife duo Steve and Stephanie carved their own stamps using 3 pieces of MDF, one for each color of the pumpkin. Then they created a template to position those 3 stamps on the bag, achieving a block printing effect. Pretty awesome, huh? (View project)

Window Decorations

How cool is this idea? Joseph Smith carved these spooky Halloween decorations from 2 color HDPE plastic. The top layer is black and the bottom layer is white.  He carved away the black to reveal the design.  Then, he strung lights around them to make the design pop.

Win $50 By Sharing Your Halloween Projects!

Yes, we’re looking at you. What Halloween project ideas have you been brewing up?

We gave forum member Rusty (yes, the same Rusty who made the awesome MDF pumpkin we just mentioned!) ten $50 Inventables gift cards to give away for other cool Halloween-themed X-Carve projects. See the full contest rules on our community forum. If you have ideas to share of what could be made please leave them in comments section below. Get involved and win some sweet sweet Halloween cash...if you dare.


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