Inventables Shipping Update May 22nd - 1 day ahead of schedule!

When I got into work this morning at about 8am I saw this stack of 12 X-Carves.  I knew it was going to be a good day, because part of our team had started an hour earlier and had already done this before I got my coffee.

Our last shipping update was on Friday April 24th, 2015.  At that time we laid out the following schedule:

Ordered by
We plan to ship on or before
March 9
The week of April 27
March 20
The week of May 4
March 30
The week of May 11
April 7th
The week of May 18
April 24th
The week of May 25

I'm proud to report that as we finished up the week of May 18th we are ahead by 1 day!  We've shipped up to April 8th.  Huge hi-five to the shipping team.  Phil, our head of operations has used the data we now have on how long each part takes to outline the new shipping estimates below.

Ordered by
We plan to ship on or before
April 17th
The week of May 24th
April 30th
The week of May 31st
May 22nd
The week of June 7th

We know everyone is really excited to get their orders. We are humbled by the amount of tweeting and posting to the forum when people get their tracking number. Please keep in mind these are only ESTIMATES. We will provide a revised update if things change significantly. Also we are making process improvements each week. We've picked up the pace a little bit, but we hope that we can pick up the pace even more to get to the point where we will be shipping orders the day they are placed.

Once again we'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who placed a pre-order!


The Inventables team


Komitadjie said…
Dang, that's awesome stuff! Great big high five to the fellow that was in there early!

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