Inventables started shipping X-Carve early!

We're proud to announce we started shipping X-Carve machines today, about a week earlier than expected!

The X-Carve shipping team.  Not pictured Phil, Brandon, and Lisa.
That's a picture of the first X-Carve about to head off into the world! 

We are now shipping out X-Carve orders chronologically by order date, and our goal is to have every pre-ordered X-Carve shipped as soon as possible. If we run into any unexpected issues that might prevent us from hitting our goal, we will do our best to keep everyone informed on the status of their order. 

How did this all come together so quickly? Short answer: it takes a village. Our previous blog posts (1, 2) have highlighted a few steps in the process. This post outlines the last part of the story. 

Once all components arrived in our warehouse and were inspected, the team began combining the individual components into X-Carve modules. This big board in the X-Carve area lists all the modules and keeps track of our production targets for the day:

In the module kitting area, team members like Scott count, sort and assemble parts into bags & boxes to create the pre-assemblies.

The pre-assemblies are then rolled up into X-Carve modules, which match the options seen on our Configurator page. Completed modules are put on the shelves in the kitting area, awaiting picking for individual orders. We came up with a nice color-coded labeling system that helps keep it all organized on our end and should make it a little easier for our customers to assemble.

And now the fun part: the shipping team prints out X-Carve order packing lists and pulls down the modules needed to complete each order. The modules are all packed into a box, triple-checked, and sent on their merry way.

We try to fit everything into a single box when possible, but 1000mm kits have their rails and wasteboards packed separately since they're so large.

Each order is given a final inspection before the box is sealed up and shipped.

It's been a lot of effort to start shipping X-Carve machines early, but we got it done so that our customers get their machines as quickly as possible. We have 2 months of pre-orders and have used them to calculate ESTIMATED “ship by” dates.

Ordered by
We plan to ship on or before
March 9
The week of April 27
March 20
The week of May 4
March 30
The week of May 11
April 7th
The week of May 18
The week of May 25

Please keep in mind these are only ESTIMATES. We will provide a revised update if things change significantly.

We'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who placed a pre-order!


The Inventables team


Rick H. said…
Congratulations on beating your estimate! It's been really cool to watch how things have been moving along. Every single person involved in this project is awesome! :)
Zach Kaplan said…
Thanks Rick!
Unknown said…
Sweet!!!!! Great Job - Cant wait

Question - Are they going to be numbered?
anKo said…
i love you all so hard it hurts my face!
Unknown said…
Congratulations!!! Cant wait for it to arrive to Copenhagen.
Unknown said…
It's like Christmas Eve.
Unknown said…
Cool looking forward to the new design.
Unknown said…

Maybe 12 or 13

Can't wait to get mine/was on of the first ordered.

Unknown said…
please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, ship mine soon, before i lose my mind
Cant wait for mine to arrive!

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