Featured Project: 3D Carving a wooden sign with precise text alignment by The Drunken Woodworker

Let's talk about Kerning. What's kerning, you ask? This:

The spacing between letters is one of those things that you never notice if it's perfect, but will infuriate you if it's wrong. This XCKD comic further illustrates:

On a computer, it's easy to line letters up properly. But if you want to 3D carve some loose letters and make a wooden sign that will last the ages, it's a bit more difficult.

Luckily, David Picciuto aka The Drunken Woodworker has come to the rescue. In this project, David explains a simple technique that allows you to line up lettering perfectly, every single time. Want to know the secret? Check out the project page and be enlightened (and properly aligned).

Check out David's blog and Youtube channel for tons of great projects (and beer recommendations).


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