Power Supply Interface Follow Up

Thanks for all the feedback on the DC Power Supply Interface PCB we posted last week!  

We got enough signups on the product page to justify moving forward.  We digested all the suggestions we received and finalized a design. 

Here is a quick rendering of what it will look like. 

We've added and changed a couple of features, keep reading to follow the progress:

  • We added a shroud to the assembly to make it safer, stronger and easier to use.  The shroud is aluminum and is silkscreened with labels for all the features.  
  • We moved the PWM connection to the front on a terminal block.  
  • We added a 3 positon switch for the spindle.  
    • The top position turns the spindle on full power.  
    • The center position turns the spindle off. 
    • The bottom position enables PWM control from your controller
Some of the parts may change slightly, but the basic layout should remain.  Look for it in the mid to late February time frame.


briankb said…
love this shroud!!

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