A visit to Lane Tech High School's Innovation & Creation Lab

A little while back we helped high school Computer Science teach Jeff Solin spec out a maker lab for his school. Many months and lots of sweat later, the Innovation and Creation Lab is up and running and Jeff's students are making a lot of awesome projects.

Here's a vent cover one of the students designed with Jeff's face on it.

The first part of this year's curriculum focused on the laser cutters, with students starting out making cubic boxes and moving to freeform projects from there:

Phase II involves each student designing a 6"x6" tile in Easel and then carving it out on a Shapeoko:

 Inventables' Tait Leswing was on hand to make sure all the machines were in good working order.

Here's Jeff showing the first completed tile to the class. Once all the pieces are finished, they'll be assembled into a grid and displayed in the room. As you can tell, he was pretty excited about it:

We're looking forward to seeing more as Jeff and his students get comfortable with the machines and really start to dig in.

Edit: The class's twitter account just posted a photo of the first batch of completed tiles and they're looking awesome!


Unknown said…
This looks really interesting, but I can't see any of the pictures.

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