Snowflake Generator

We used to love making paper snowflakes, folding a piece of paper into quarters and snipping little pieces out, then unfolding it into a radially repeating geometric shape.

Then, our software engineer Paul Kaplan showed us this and we all put down our scissors and started using it instead.

It's an online snowflake generator!

You create shapes in the same sort of repeating way as the folded paper method, but with more control and variability. Originally created as a Processing sketch by Windell Oske at Evil Mad Scientist, Paul ported it to the web and added the ability to download SVG files.

Play around adjusting the handles to make the perfect unique snowflake, then you can download an .svg of the design and bring that into either Easel or your favorite lasercutting or papercutting software and let your Shapeoko, laser cutter, or paper cutter work its magic.

We like glitter acrylics. But maybe you like wood veneer, or just plain old adhesive paper. Or just paper.

Try it out for yourself:

Then import that .svg into Easel and get wild with the snowflake-making. You could even add a little hole into one of the edges to tie a piece of yarn through, like this:

Have fun, and please tweet a photo at us if you make one!


Misty Morgan said…
This is so cool!! What a great way to make different snowflake svg files. Great generator!!
Unknown said…
I made one out of acrylic, check out my instructable

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