Bonus Rewards for the Carvey Kickstarter

The speed we reached our goal was incredible and your energy was electric. We can’t thank you enough.
Thanks to your ongoing support and for helping us make this happen, we want to give each Carvey backer a bit extra. You've been so incredibly supportive so far in the campaign. We want everyone that gets a Carvey from our Kickstarter to have an amazing experience.

Getting started Kit! 

Today we are adding a few new things to the Early Bird Carvey and Carvey levels. There are a lot of backers that are new to 3D Carving and this will be their first time carving. We want to make sure that your first experience is magical.
To that end, we will be adding a piece of Expanded PVC foam material into the box, so you’ll be able to make something as soon as you open the machine. The incredible thing about Carvey is its versatility. The milling bits it uses are like lenses in a professional camera: new bits expand your creative abilities. We started you with a ⅛” 2 flute spiral end mill (grey) ideal for carving plastic or materials like the expanded PVC. Today we’ve added a second ⅛” 2 flute straight (black) end mill for cutting wood and a 1/16” fish tail bit (blue) for doing detail work!  Our bit system is color coded and integrated with the Easel software making selection easier.

50% More Material 

Thanks to everyone that backed at a level that received the Ultimate Maker pack. We have some good news for you too.
First off, we’re going to give you all the bonuses mentioned above.
In addition to the 3 starter projects and 20 materials included today, we are adding 10 more materials. With these materials in hand you’ll be able to carve all sorts of cool things like jewelry, signs, coasters, and christmas ornaments - we can’t wait to see what you create. Below is a full list of everything you’ll get in the pack. The 10 new materials are highlighted in green.

As always thank you for your support, and we hope this goes some way in showing how grateful we are that you’ve made Carvey a reality.
Remember you can also keep in touch on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


Unknown said…
Grats on reaching your goal.I'm still hoping you post more updates to make me feel more confident in what will be delivered and what the machine is capable of.Keep up the great work.

Marshall Jones

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