Inventory Count Day at Inventables

We're improving the way we do inventory at Inventables!  Today we shut down shipping operations temporarily while we do a full physical inventory! Our team is hard at work counting every last item in our warehouse.

What's the point??  We are working to improve our inventory system so we can keep the things you need in stock. Step one is to make sure our physical inventory matches the count on our website. Here is a glimpse inside of this detailed process.

Each product gets one of these little pink labels.

Wyatt, our Fulfillment Manager, counting his way through our large selection of wood.

The quantity of each product is recorded...

...not once, but twice! A second person follows behind and counts again to double check the first count.  When they are done a completed pink label like this is added to the shelf.

Each completed pink label brings us one step closer to keeping your items in stock.
As you can see, we are already making great progress! As soon as we are done, shipping will resume.


Antillia said…
Dear Sirs,
We have just ordered a Shapeoko...We would like to know what the estimate shipping time is. Since you are busy with your inventory, it worries us on the delivery time.
Can you provide us with specifics?

Kind regards,
Sinuhe Oomen

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