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Zach Kaplan's talk at MakerCon NYC

Our founder and CEO Zach Kaplan gave a talk recently at NYC MakerCon wherein he outlines the evolution of desktop fabrication and gives some idea of where this whole thing is going. The talk was recorded by the fine folks at Make Magazine , it's short and to the point and definitely worth checking out.

Fishtail end mills!

Fishtail end mills are our new favorite bit! They're awesome for getting clean edges on thin material and for making pockets with flat bottoms. We now use them more often than any other kind of bit. We recently published a project using them  here . We chose a fishtail end mill for this project to ensure a clean edge on the acrylic numbers. They would also be the perfect bit to use in the  Drunken Woodworker's inlay project  that we shared last week. We also just released an  End Mill Starter Set  that includes fishtail bits, as well as a few others to cover just about any situation. Convenient!

Easel is now available to everyone

Today we are extremely happy to announce that Easel is available to everyone.  Easel is a web app for 3D carving with the Shapeoko. You design in 2D while simultaneously viewing a 3D preview of your design cut into the material of your choice with real-world machine considerations like bit size. You'll see instantly what parts of your design can be cut with your size of bit. Import an existing design or use our simple and intuitive design tools to make something new. Then just connect to your Shapeoko and hit "Carve".  Stamp project Sign project Before getting into the  why  behind Easel, you should try it out for yourself. Go to and try it out. We've also created a section of Easel projects you can get started with right away. This stamp project and sign project are both fun and easy introductions. Why would a hardware store make software? To us and to our customers, Inventables is much more than a hardware

How to use a 3D Carving machine to propose to your girlfriend

The internet was abuzz last week when one of our customers shared his labor of love with Reddit. Inventables customer Joe Ternus decided to propose to his girlfriend in the most elaborate way possible, starting with chopping down a tree. He then created a box, an opening iris gear mechanism, and a key to open it all and reveal the ring using his 3D carving machine . She said yes, of course.

Making wood inlays using Easel + Shapeoko

Video blogger David Picciuto, aka The Drunken Woodworker, just published an awesome video detailing how to go from design to a finished beautiful wood inlay piece using Easel and a stock Shapeoko. Check it out!

Inventory Count Day at Inventables

We're improving the way we do inventory at Inventables!  Today we shut down shipping operations temporarily while we do a full physical inventory! Our team is hard at work counting every last item in our warehouse. What's the point??  We are working to improve our inventory system so we can keep the things you need in stock. Step one is to make sure our physical inventory matches the count on our website. Here is a glimpse inside of this detailed process. Each product gets one of these little pink labels. Wyatt, our Fulfillment Manager, counting his way through our large selection of wood. The quantity of each product is recorded... ...not once, but twice! A second person follows behind and counts again to double check the first count.  When they are done a completed pink label like this is added to the shelf. Each completed pink label brings us one step closer to keeping your items in stock. As you can see, we are already making grea