Ninjaflex Filament

We just got Ninjaflex filament in the store and are having a ton of fun with it.  It is super squishy and perfect for making car tires, bumpers and cell phone cases.  We wanted to print a ninja, so we used the official mascot of Pumping Station One's CNC Build Club: The CNC Ninja Squirrel.

We printed a few of them at about 40mm tall.

Next came the fun part.  We tried to torture them to death.  We could not kill them.  Ninjaflex is pretty cool stuff.

Print Settings.

We printed it using our MakerBot Replicator 2X.  The default lines came out rather thin so we created a custom profile for it.  That profile is attached below.  Unzip the file into the [username]/My Things/Profiles folder and you're good to go!

The profile is on the product pages of the store.

You select the profile from the dialog "Make" box.


Unknown said…
Has anyone done any tensile destruction testing? Does this material act like a tensile spring- could it be used to print bicycle grips?
gumspots said…
profile link is broken, can you type the settings out?
Roth Mobot said…
Interesting. We've had limited success with both flexible filament and the 2x. Your custom profile sounds intriguing. I'm looking forward to giving it a go.
Anonymous said…
I have tried many flexible filaments and this works the best. The default profile gave rather thin lines that did not stick together very well.
Unknown said…
Trying to download the profile gives me a 404. Has anyone else been able to download?
Unknown said…
Clicking the profile link gives me a 404. Has anyone else been able to download the file?
Zach Kaplan said…
The profile .zip file on the product page worked for me.
It works!!!! I bought it and it does work great

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