Kate Sullivan of CBS News features Inventables on the "Your Chicago" Segment

Kate Sullivan is co-anchor of CBS 2 Chicago News at 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. with Rob Johnson. Kate, who has won several awards – including an Emmy Award and the Associated Press First Place Award for Breaking News – joined us at Inventables for a tour, interview, and a little bit of making.

Kate Sullivan

Kate does a recurring segment for CBS called "Your Chicago".  Every Friday at 10pm Kate or her co-host Rob Johnson get out of the studio and explore Chicago.  Last week she came over to Inventables.  Kate was interested in learning more about our new free software called Easel and the Shapeoko 2.  She rolled up her sleeves and became a maker in minutes!  

We even got her into a pair of safety glasses!

Watch the full segment on the CBS News website.


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