Make Magazine: Using Your CNC Mill Sucks a lot Less With Inventables’ New App

We got to hang out a bit with Mike Senese, executive editor at Make Magazine while we were down in Austin for SXSW.

Mike is a well-traveled Maker versed in all sorts of digital fabrication, DIY drones, and robotics, and he's a really nice guy. We were also super impressed with the Make team's branded puffy jackets, super stylish!

We ran into him both at the ATX Hackerspace and at the SXSW Create pavilion, where we got a chance to go into detail about our new Easel software and the future of digital manufacturing. Check out his article here!

By the time Mike stopped back again with a camera, it was warm enough to shed his nice coat and our booth had a line out the tent to try out Easel. In the middle of the fray Zach and Mike had to shout a bit to be heard above the Shapeokos carving into wood, but it was pretty awesome to see so many people making things.


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