Shapeoko 2 Upgrades

Once we started shipping the Shapeoko 2 machines, we immediately started working on some upgrades and  accessories.  Wherever possible these items are open source and the files are provided on the product pages.

Upgraded Waste Board

This is an awesome upgrade to your Shapeoko 2.  This waste board adds adds a lot of features.

  • Holes for (36) M5 threaded inserts to attach clamps
  • Silkscreen pattern to show the general work area of the machine
  • Easy installation by sliding in from the side without having to disassemble the machine
  • Extra mounting holes in the middle of the board in case you want add (2) cross members for additional support
  • Works great with the clamping system shown below

Note: The threaded inserts need to be installed by the end user.

Clamping System

This clamping system is designed to work with the Upgraded Waste Board.  The clamps are made from rigid oak hardwood.  They are very stiff, but probably won't break your bits if you accidentally run into them.  They have a tapered point so you can get very close to the cut line without them interfering with the spindle.  The wood is also less likely to mark or scratch your work piece.  If you do damage a clamp the cut files are provided, so your Shapeoko can make a replacement.

The clamps contain an M6 threaded insert.  This can be used with the provided carriage bolts to adjust the rear height of the clamp.  (2) sizes of M5 socket head clamping screws are provided for materials up to 3/4" thick.  Standard M5 hardware can be used for thicker materials.   

Bosch Colt Mount.

This is a thick and robust clamp to use the powerful Bosch Colt router as a spindle.  It is machined out of billet aluminum and black anodized to match your Shapeoko 2.  It also has a feature to add a dust collection shoe.  We do not sell a shoe yet, but there are some designs on the Shapeoko forum.

Hand Wheel 

This is a little hand wheel you can add to any of your NEMA 17 motors to make them easier to spin by hand.  The raised post works for fast spinning and the knurled perimeter gives a good grip for fine adjustments.  We love using it on our Z axis.  We currently only have a size for 5mm shafts, but may add one for 1/4" shafts (NEMA 23) if this ones proves to be popular.

Electronics Enclosure.

This is a small sheet metal enclosure for the Arduino and gShield.  The electronics mount in the base section and that has a hole pattern that can be used to mount it anywhere including on the end plates.

Drag Chain

Drag chain is a great way to clean up the wiring on your Shapeoko 2. 


An emergency stop button is a great safety device for your machine.  The best way to use this is to run the power to the gShield through it. That way it is guaranteed to immediately stop your job.


Anonymous said…
So, how do I order these exciting new additions? Having missed the Kickstarter I'd quite like to buy one now.

I'm in the UK, by the way.
Zach Kaplan said…
You can order them on this page:

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