Shapeoko 2 Upgraded Waste board

This is the new upgraded waste board for the Shapeoko 2.  It adds a few features over the stock waste board.
  • One piece design: This makes it a little stiffer.
  • Threaded Inserts: (36) M5 threaded inserts make clamping a lot easier.
  • Printed Grid: This helps you align your work and show the general cut area of the machine.
  • Hole for cross members.  Extra mounting holes are provided in case you want to add cross member extrusions for added support.

Assembly Instructions

The threaded inserts are not installed.  This is a simple operation, but would have added a lot of cost if we had the factory do it.

Tools Needed

  • Power Drill
  • 45° Counter Sink Bit
  • 5mm T Handle Allen Wrench

Preparing the Waste board

Important Note!

Inserts are installed from the back side.
  1. Place the waste board upside down on a flat surface.  You might want to put some paper underneath to prevent scratching in case the board slides around.
  2. Locate the 6 x 6 pattern of holes for the threaded inserts (see image below).  It helps to put a mark by each one for reference.
  3. Counter sink the back (bottom) side all of the insert holes.  The counter sink serves several purposes.  The insert is a lot easier to install with the counter sink.  The head of the insert will be flush or sub flush with the surface.  Make the counter sink diameter a little larger than the diameter of the head of the insert (see image below).  It does not need to be accurate.  You might want to make the ones along the front edge a little deeper.  It is important that these are truly sub flush so they do not touch the mounting rail.
  4. Install the inserts.  While firmly pushing down on the insert, screw them in.  It is strongly recommended to use an Allen wrench with a handle.  It makes it a lot easier to put them in straight.  You do not need to install them very tight since the pull on them comes from the other side.  If you over tighten the ones near the edge you can cause the MDF to de-laminate a little.

Installing the Waste Board

  1. Remove all the mounting screws from the original waste board.
  2. Slide the original waste board out to the side, leaving the t nuts in the extrusions.
  3. The upgraded waste board has the nuts in slightly different locations.  Use the board as a gauge to move them into the correct locations.
  4. Slide the upgrade waste board in from the side.
  5. Attach the screws.  Just get each screw barely started before going to the next one.  This allows the board to slide around a bit to find the remaining t nuts.  One all nuts are started, center the board and tighten all screws.  


ramos96 said…
Can these be used on a Shapeoko 1?

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