Our favorite projects from 2013

2013 was a huge year for Inventables, and it appears that it was a great year for our customers as well. Here's a quick roundup of our favorite Inventables customer projects throughout the year:

Mini Messenger Bag by Pam Daniels

This stylish and durable mini messenger bag uses Cork Fabric from Inventables. Designer Pam Daniels liked the fabric so much she made a product out of it and ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. This is exactly what Inventables is all about. Kudos, Pam!

The Great Lakes by Timothy Brown

This gorgeous topographical map of the Great Lakes region was made using our Birch Plywood and a laser cutter by Timothy Brown of Lake Maps Ink. This is a great example of someone who had a good idea and ran with it, creating a whole business from a single material and process.

The Scan-0-Tron 3000 Full Body Scanner

The Scan-O-Tron 3000 is a full body 3D scanner that uses Makerslide and other mechatronics from Inventables. The Great Fredini showed off this design at the World Maker Faire in NYC earlier this year and it was a huge crowd favorite. The instructions to build your own are very easy to follow, so now there's no excuse for lacking an action figure of yourself.

Folding Mustache Comb by Matt McCoy

This stylish, manly mustache comb is perhaps the best use we've seen yet for our Tortoise Shell Acylic. Designer Matt McCoy's Mini-Fab is full of designs with a gentlemanly touch.

Stepper Motor Business Card by Matt Westervelt

If you happen to run into Matt Westervelt from Metrix Create:Space, ask him for a business card. Because it's really awesome. The card is made of Birch Plywood and a little bit of copper wire, and can be broken apart and assembled into a working stepper motor. It's probably not strong enough to mill steel, but it's functional enough to seriously impress.


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