Bosch Colt Spindle Mount

The Bosch Colt Router is popular spindle for small scale CNC routers.  Many Shapeoko users have upgraded their stock rotary tool to this spindle.  To help meet the demand for this, we have created a mounting block for the Colt.

This is a super thick and sturdy mount machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum.  It has a screw to tightly clamp the spindle in place and a feature to add a vacuum dust skirt in the future (we don't sell this yet).  It comes with the hardware to mount it to the Shapeoko 2 spindle plate and requires no modification of any Shapeoko 2 parts.  It does require some changes to the standard assembly, but they are simple and do not require major disassembly of your machine.  The process is outlined below.

Mounting Block Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Make sure the router is unplugged.

Step 2: Make sure there are no bits installed in the router.

Step 3: Stand the router upside down on a strong, clean, flat surface.

Step 4: Place the mount upside down on the router and align the spindle lock with the notch in the mount.  The mount is a tight spring fit so it probably won’t slide right on.

Step 5: Expand the diameter by twisting a large  flat blade screwdriver in the location shown and push the mount into place.

The mount does not need to be flush with the base of the router.  Moving it further on to the router can help with Z range.

Step 6: Attach and tighten the screw to clamp the router in place.

Shapeoko Assembly Instructions

The assembly of a Shapeoko spindle plate needs to be changed a little because of the following reasons.  The standard spindle uses (2) universal brackets and this uses one bracket.  This mount is located very low on the spindle and the distance to the bit is shorter.

Step 1: Start with the spindle carriage in about the middle of the travel range.

Step 2: Remove the old spindle.

Step 3: Remove the existing spindle mounts.

Step 4: Remove the screws attaching the delrin lead screw nut.

Step 5: Move the carriage down, so the delrin lead screw nut is aligned with the upper holes.

Step 6: Attach the the spindle and mount completed in the above instructions.

Step 7: Loosen the vertical MakerSlide and slide it down until you like the location. You might want to install a bit for reference in this step. This should not affect your overall travel.


Unknown said…
Sliding the maker slide down won't reduce the "travel" but it will reduce the amount of depth you can cut in the z direction by the height change between the bottom of the slide and the the waste-board. Right?

I moved the v-wheels to the middle holes and mounted the bracket at the bottom. Looks a lot better than when it was mounted in the middle but it does seem a little less stable. Might try to go to a 6 v-wheel set up but will save that for another day.
On the Bosch Colt ... would I be limited to 1/4 tools ? or is there a collet insert for 1/8 or 3/16 spindle diameter tooling ?
Anonymous said…
Brett, Bosch only has the 1/4" collet available on their site, but there are a few companies online still manufacturing collets in different sizes. Here's one where both 1/8" and 3/16" are available:

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