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Shapeoko 2 Upgrades

Once we started shipping the Shapeoko 2 machines, we immediately started working on some upgrades and  accessories.  Wherever possible these items are open source and the files are provided on the product pages. Upgraded Waste Board This is an awesome upgrade to your Shapeoko 2.  This waste board adds adds a lot of features. Holes for (36) M5 threaded inserts to attach clamps Silkscreen pattern to show the general work area of the machine Easy installation by sliding in from the side without having to disassemble the machine Extra mounting holes in the middle of the board in case you want add (2) cross members for additional support Works great with the clamping system shown below Note: The threaded inserts need to be installed by the end user. Clamping System This clamping system is designed to work with the Upgraded Waste Board.  The clamps are made from rigid oak hardwood.  They are very stiff, but probably won't break your bits i

Shapeoko 2 Upgraded Waste board

This is the new upgraded waste board for the Shapeoko 2.  It adds a few features over the stock waste board. One piece design: This makes it a little stiffer. Threaded Inserts:  (36) M5 threaded inserts make clamping a lot easier. Printed Grid: This helps you align your work and show the general cut area of the machine. Hole for cross members.  Extra mounting holes are provided in case you want to add cross member extrusions for added support. Assembly Instructions The threaded inserts are not installed.  This is a simple operation, but would have added a lot of cost if we had the factory do it. Tools Needed Power Drill 45° Counter Sink Bit 5mm T Handle Allen Wrench Preparing the Waste board Important Note! Inserts are installed from the back side. Place the waste board upside down on a flat surface.  You might want to put some paper underneath to prevent scratching in case the board slides around. Locate the 6 x 6 pattern of holes for the

Bosch Colt Spindle Mount

The Bosch Colt Router is popular spindle for small scale CNC routers.  Many Shapeoko users have upgraded their stock rotary tool to this spindle.  To help meet the demand for this, we have created a mounting block for the Colt. This is a super thick and sturdy mount machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum.  It has a screw to tightly clamp the spindle in place and a feature to add a vacuum dust skirt in the future (we don't sell this yet).  It comes with the hardware to mount it to the Shapeoko 2 spindle plate and requires no modification of any Shapeoko 2 parts.  It does require some changes to the standard assembly, but they are simple and do not require major disassembly of your machine.  The process is outlined below. Mounting Block Assembly Instructions Step 1: Make sure the router is unplugged. Step 2: Make sure there are no bits installed in the router. Step 3: Stand the router upside down on a strong, clean, flat surface. Step 4: Place the moun

Our favorite projects from 2013

2013 was a huge year for Inventables, and it appears that it was a great year for our customers as well. Here's a quick roundup of our favorite Inventables customer projects throughout the year: Mini Messenger Bag by Pam Daniels This stylish and durable mini messenger bag uses  Cork Fabric  from Inventables. Designer Pam Daniels liked the fabric so much she made a product out of it and ran  a successful Kickstarter campaign.  This is exactly what Inventables is all about. Kudos, Pam! The Great Lakes by Timothy Brown This gorgeous topographical map of the Great Lakes region was made using our  Birch Plywood  and a laser cutter by Timothy Brown of  Lake Maps Ink.  This is a great example of someone who had a good idea and ran with it, creating a whole business from a single material and process. The Scan-0-Tron 3000 Full Body Scanner The Scan-O-Tron 3000 is a full body 3D scanner that uses Makerslide and other mechatronics from Inventables. The Great Fredi