All Shapeoko Batch 1 Preorders Have Shipped!

As of December 21st 2013, the first 495 Shapeoko 2 preorders have shipped out!

It took some effort, but we got them all out. To paraphrase Tom Cargill's Ninety-Ninety rule, the first 90% of a large shipping job accounts for 90% of the work. The second 90% account for the other 90%.

Huge props to our warehouse team for getting everything assembled, packaged and out on the target date. Our crack team of specialists stayed late into the night to make sure every order was taken care of.

As proof, we'd like to offer this photo of the pallets that all the Shapeoko 2's came in on. Now they're empty and stacked, awaiting repurposing. That's a photo of a job well done.

In related news, we've worked out some of the small hiccups that arose during the first batch, and are totally on target to nail our January shipping date for the second batch orders. Watch this space for updates as we move along.


Unknown said…
So, I'm not sure I'm reading this correctly...the 60 or so Batch 2 shipments that accidentally were shipped in December as part of Batch 1....were those 60 Batch 1 shipments sent out on time after all?

I had ended up ordering two full kits (early on and within days of each other)....I received one of the kits a short while back and then the email note came out seeking volunteers to surrender their Batch 1 (December) delivery slots. So, I opted to have my second unit postponed so that others could get an early crack on at least one machine.

So, could someone please provide Info on what parts are still in transit TO Inventables (or their kitting facility) as well as roll-out dates for both the voluntarily delayed Batch 1's (still including all bonus/stretch items) and the remaining non-bonus Batch 2's? Thanks!

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