New Cool Tools Catalog Out!

If you're not familiar with the Cool Tools blog, I recommend you check it out. It was started ~10 years ago by Kevin Kelly, who was the founding executive editor of Wired magazine and a former editor/publisher of the Whole Earth catalog.

They just published a printed catalog and it's a great compendium of the last 10 years of the blog. The tools are all recommended and reviewed by people who use them, and there's inspiring projects and useful tips and tricks on every page.

Covering topics from hand tools to adhesives, organizational oddments, bicycles that double as chainsaws, beer brewing, mushroom growing, milling and fabricating, and so much more, it's enough to make your brain hurt with all the ideas for projects.

Inventables has a very nice shout-out on page 18, much thanks to our customers who wrote the reviews!

You can get the printed catalog here (highly recommended!) and submit your own reviews and recommendations for tools on the Cool Tools blog.


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