Shapeoko 2 at Pumping Station: One's CNC Build Club

Last Thursday we took the Shapeoko 2 out to Chicago hackerspace Pumping Station: One for their CNC Build Club weekly meeting.

This particular group is a well-accomplished bunch, having previously built a working delta 3D printer in a single evening. It was up and chugging along on a print when I arrived:

The club is a good mix of experienced folks who've built their own machines and like to share designs and experiment, and beginners looking to learn more about CNC in general. Plus drop-ins from PS1 members who were curious.

We demonstrated two jobs- the first was a "Hello Shapeoko 2" design we worked out to quickly show the machine working. The second was an experimental attempt to mill a piece of Corian. Both worked! You have to run the Corian a lot slower so it took a little while, but the end result was quite nice.

We're working on planning some visits to other Makerspaces in the near future. If you'd like us to come by and demo Shapeoko 2 at your space, drop us a line!


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