3rd Ward's Make 'n' Take Event

Amongst the mayhem of New York Fashion Week, Inventables' own Lucy Silverman tucked into the iconic Chelsea Market to take a breather, grab a bite, and get building at 3rd Ward's Make 'n' Take Pop-up space.

3rd Ward is an educational and inspirational mecca for artists, designers, hobbyist, makers, and DIY-enthusiasts alike. It is the go-to place for learning through making. They have classes varying from 3D rendering to cheese making. In addition to their diverse and unique curriculum, 3rd Ward provides its members with both a community and resources to create. Think of it as a gym for creativity. 

From September 9th to 15th they set-up shop, quite literally, in the ground floor of Chelsea Market to give the public a taste of the 3rd Ward experience.

Upon entering, participants are immediately overtaken with the spirit of making.  To the left, six lathes hummed away while instructors demonstrated possible take-away projects. Sawdust flew, revealing wooden tops, candle holders, and bowls. To the right, beautiful reclaimed logs displayed more advanced projects that were made in shop, and available to purchase. Passersby who may have come to the market for the delicacies were treated to a sample of the 3rd Ward experience, finding an appetite for wood working instead.  

Throughout the day participants can drop in and make a simple project such as these wooden tops or sign-up to make more involved pieces like a skateboard or an Enzo Mari chair. Being a novice woodworker myself, I signed up to make a spinning top for my first ever lathe project. 

Tim Dowse, artist and 3rd Ward instructor, (pictured above right) greeted me enthusiastically and helped me get set up on the lathe. He explained the different tools and techniques I would need to make my top whirl while we chatted about wood working.  

I have to say it was a lot of fun getting my hands dirty in the middle of a commercial center. I asked Tim if the Pop-up site was deliberately chosen to spark a conversation about making and consuming. He explained that it was, but also added "but if someone just wants to walk in here and make a kick-ass project, thats cool too." 

I couldn't agree more.  A big thanks to Tim Dowse and everyone at 3rd Ward for a great experience!

To learn more about 3rd Ward visit: www.3rdward.com

Craving a similar experience? Chicago's Harold Washington Library frequently hosts events in their Innovation Lab. September 20th is the laser cut greeting card workshop
For more events and information about these events Click Here.    


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