Introducing The Laser Cutter Settings Calculator

Picking the right laser cutting settings can be the difference between a beautiful finished product and a piece of material in the scrap bin. At Inventables, we think that everyone should be able to find the perfect laser cutting settings quickly and easily. That is why we are building a laser cutter settings calculator: an interactive chart that gives you suggested laser cutter settings based on machine wattage, material density, and material thickness. Right now the calculator works for Full Spectrum Hobby Lasers and over 100 kinds of acrylic. We are currently adding settings for different brands and wattages of laser cutters and settings for our plywood, hardwood, and wood veneer. Keep an eye out for new machines and materials to be added to the calculator!

Give it a try (embedded below) and let us know if it helps!


George Aguirre said…

I would like to compliment this awesome laser cutter settings calculator.

As we know, laser cutting is trial and error as every laser cutter is different albeit from the same manufacturer. For beginners I suggest reading

However, there are also things to consider such as the materials color plus the temperature and humidity, this would take time but patience is a virtue.

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