Chicago area MAKEaTHON

When we were out at MakerFaire 2013 in San Mateo we caught up with the guys from Motorola that are driving around the country in vehicles outfitted with digital manufacturing equipment.  We're excited to report that they are coming to Chicago! This weekend's MAKEaTHON will be at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and is being hosted by the Segal Design Institute. Next Thursday July 18th at 7pm they will be visiting Pumping Station: One on CNC Build Night and Inventables is teaming up with them to do a Gonzo build that includes MakerSlide and a cell phone. Details of the Gonzo build are below this video.

The weekend schedule at the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern will be as follows:
Friday, July 12          6pm-9pm
Saturday, July 13     10am-10pm
Sunday, July 14        10am-4pm

The PS: One event will start at 7pm on Thursday July 18th.

We'll be building a CNC Machine combined with a phone hack.  We do one night group builds that we call gonzo builds because it is a crazy build spread across the building and fabrication machines.  
I think I have a perfect project for this collaboration.  We could build a motorized camera slider using MakerSlide.  The camera would be a cell phone.  The cell phone would provide the camera part as well as a way to tell the slider where to go.

The Build Club will design and build the machine.  We will fabricate the parts on the machines at PS1 as well as in the Moto van.  Moto will help us with the phone part.

To use the machine ideally a user would have a phone in hand that is showing live video from the phone on the slider.  There will also be some sort of interface on the user's phone to tell the slider phone to go left or right.

The slider will have power so we can provide charge power to the slider phone at all times.

Later this month at Maker Faire Detroit we have a MakerSlide booth where this could be prominently displayed.  We might orient this vertically on a 15 footer so people could get get high view of the fair or maybe even tweet out a picture of themselves.

Here are two posts from previous gonzo builds.

About Pumping Station One

Pumping Station One is Chicago hackerspace that just celebrated its fourth year of operation.  More details about PS:One and event can be found here.

About Make with Moto
MAKEwithMOTO is a project exploring how direct digital manufacturing and co-creation can be used to unlock new possibilities around smartphone hardware. To this end we're visiting Maker Faires and the country's best colleges and hosting MAKEaTHONs with exciting, brilliant, creative people.

We invite all makers, designers, engineers, hackers, coders, tinkerers and entrepreneurs to join us from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon to see what happens when we open up our smartphones to create some epic new hardware. We're providing a VELCRO-covered van filled with the low- and high-tech prototyping tools (including a full set of 3D printers from 3D Systems) as well as hackable versions of our latest smartphones and all the other tools you'll need. 

About Inventables
At Inventables we understand it is harder for these smaller teams to source materials in smaller sizes and quantities for their new micro-production runs. To solve this problem, we are building a “Designers Hardware Store” that sells materials in small shapes and sizes for desktop fabrication. We believe this will streamline the process of local manufacturing. Through our website we sell equipment and supplies in small quantities for purchase with a credit card. Our selection ranges from over 100 colors of acrylic sheets to 3D printers. Custom manufacturers, product designers, researchers, artists, and inventors purchase from our selection of about 30,000 products. 


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