Inventables On The Road

This week Inventables launched a new TV series called Inventables On The Road.  The concept for the  show is there are lots of people and projects in the Inventables community that are interesting.  We're trying to demystify the process of digital fabrication, give some visibility to people working on interesting things, and have some fun.

The first interview we did was with Adam Wegener founder of Trash Amps.  Trash Amps was started by an experience in college when the founders friend bought an Altoids guitar amp kit online. They thought it was a cool idea, but when they plugged in the amp and started playing some music they ran into a didn't sound so good.  The reason was of the size and shape of the Altoids container.

They took the same electronics and put them into a soda can and it worked great. Then came the realization: you can put music in anything – Trash Amps was born.

After showing a few prototypes to friends, we knew there was a market for a product like this.  Adam graduated in 2009 (Manufacturing Engineering) and joined forces with Ron (Electrical Engineer) to get Trash Amps going.  We got the chance to interview Adam at the 2013 Hardware Innovation Workshop.


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