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3D Printer Experience - Retail Store Opens in Chicago

On Monday April 22nd Julie Loufton Friedman Steele will opening the first experiential retail 3D printing store in the world....we'll we think the world but for sure the Midwest and definitely in Chicago.  It is definitely the only retail location in the world with an EOS P110 nylon laser sintering.  The goal of the store is to introduce the general public to the magic of 3D printing and the potential for distributed digital manufacturing. A view of the design stations and Up Mini's (courtesy Urban Daddy) The Design Bar (photo courtesy Urban Daddy) At the design bar you can sit down and design and print a pendant using their Pendant Maker App.  The app allows anyone regardless of ability to doodle a line and the app takes the doodle as an input and makes it into a pretty cool looking pendant.  You can then use the sliders to adjust the size and shape of the different design elements.  When you're happy with your design you can print it out.  Pendants

Printed Dual Drive Kit

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine brought his Shapeoko over to my house.   He was in the process of assembling of getting it wired up with a Rambo (reprap electronics).   In the process, I noticed that the Y-axis was driven only on a single side and suggested we should change it.   Stacey mentioned a kit was available, but we decided we would try to hack one out.   The result came out nicely as you can see.   I’ll walk you through the process of what we did. A lot of the pieces were already on hand.  We needed the following: Idler 2x M5x35 SCHS 2x M5 nut 4x M5 washers 2x spacers 2x idlers 2x 605zz bearings Other Components 1x gt2 belt 1x gt2 18 tooth pulley 1x nema17 motor 4x m3x10 2x brackets for the belt clamps. As we looked through what was needed, we had many of the necessary parts from reprap projects. The key pieces we didn’t have were the idler and the spacer.   Rather than try to create the idler from scratch, I went to