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Cool watches made on a mill

The guys over at Mistrua designs make some incredible watches using a router / milling machine.  The body of the watch is made out of wood and the leather band is cut and sewn. This time piece is called Ferro. "Monikered as the "Leonardo Da Vinci" of timepieces, the Ferro collection capitalizes on an unequivocal alture of confidence and prominence. From the boardroom to the marina, it's striking rectangular geometric classic design fits the ever-changing needs of your lifestyle. Enchanting Arts and Crafts confour with oversized straps that come in a plethora of colours."

The Digital Manufacturing Revolution

The extraordinary evolution in digital manufacturing is driven in part by a drop in the low cost of entry.

Winner of the Desktop Factory Competition Announced!

3D printing holds great promise for prototyping and small-volume production, but it has the potential for high volume production as well.  Over time, the software interfaces that control these machines will improve, the number of files available for printing will increase exponentially, and the precision of the machines will be indistinguishable from parts made on an injection molding machine.  However, to become competitive with conventional manufacturing processes, the unit cost of each part produced by 3D printers must be reduced. Low-cost 3D printing, including Up! Plus, Makerbot’s Replicator II, Cubify, Printrbot, Solidoodle, and the Ultimaker, range in price from $399-$2200. These machines require extruded plastic filament that costs about $40-$54 per kg. This is between 5-10 times the cost of the raw resin pellets.  Last year, at Maker Faire in San Mateo, we launched a global competition to find ways to reduce the cost of producing parts on a 3D printer that uses plastic fil

TED 2013

I've been going to TED conferences for 8 years.  Each year has different theme and typically the theme is only loosely tied to the content of the talks.  This year the theme was taken seriously.  The theme: The Young, The Wise, and The Undiscovered was the foundation and the TED team did a worldwide talent search to find speakers.  I had been thinking abou the fact that it must be harder and harder to find compelling speakers who's ideas or storys aren't out there.  The internet, YouTube, at the TEDx program have made it much easier for great ideas and great people to float to the top.  This year the TED team literally traveled around the world using the local TEDx hosts as their local ambassadors and brought some young voices from countries all over the world to the TED stage. The stage had a tree house and was a bit more dynamic than years past. At each TED I get new ideas, fresh perspective, and the opportunity to bump into people that I don't see in my