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Inventables, Shapeoko and science education!

The “unexpected properties” of many products available at Inventables are useful in communicating scientific principles and the process of inquiry into science.   The Materials Research Laboratory at the University of California Santa Barbara hosted a science teacher workshop in spring of 2012 to present curriculum projects   developed with local teachers.    Inventables products relating to “wearable materials”, “photonic crystals” and “graphene” were highlighted as part of a “materials for inquiry” session.   These products included temperature sensitive cloth, conductive textiles, suction cup tape, non-slip surface, super absorbent fibers, phase change materials, radiant light film, shape memory polymer and conductive paint!    For more information and for lesson ideas visit: Desktop manufacturing and "materials for inquiry": Desktop manufacturing presents an outstanding opportunity to en

Renegade Holiday Market Highlights!

This weekend I was lucky enough to make it to the Renegade Holiday Market in Chicago. The biannual Renegade Craft Fairs are a great place to see what is trending in the handmade community. As always there were some very interesting and innovative artists! Bird of Virtue   is a San Francisco based design studio run by Linnea Oliver . These intricate and beautiful deigns are created by layering laser cut wood . She adds a touch of hand painted color to give them a striking and dynamic look. Her work is available for purchase here .  How cool are these cactus platers by The Plaid Pigeon !? I think these are the perfect gift for anyone young at heart and can water a plant once every two months. These guys and there friends are available for purchase here .     Wood Thumb presented ties and bow ties crafted from reclaimed redwoods from Northern California. I also love the styling of there laser cut ornaments! These guys have made it clear that wearing wood i