Laser Cut Projects: Colony Coasters

Hi everyone!  We feel there is a large volume of laser cut goods out there that fall flat, literally, in the 2D world. So, I've been working with Inventables to come out with a series of  laser cutter projects to show how fab lab processes can produce high design. 

 Digital fabrication has given designers the opportunity to create exactly what we want to design on the fly. As more of this technology becomes available for the home (like this desktop laser cutter and this Shapeoko CNC) the landscape of how we buy and sell products is changing. We ask you to join in our efforts in creating thoughtful and innovative designs! The first project in this design series is the Colony Coaster. 

 The Colony Coasters are a set of tessellating  cherry wood coasters that interlock to become trivets or center pieces. The honeycomb shape encourages users to work together to create new shapes over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

The coaster design

Two coasters side by side

Two coasters interlocking 

Three coasters interlocking

Four coasters interlocking


                                                                  Six coasters interlocking

Four coasters interlocking

Six coasters interlocking

Thanks for checking this project out! The list of materials at Inventables is so inspiring, I can't wait to get my hands on some cork sheeting, aluminum foam, and conductive copper fabric!

Good designing!


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